Apache Solr Search Installation
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HDP Search 3.0 Known Issues

Issue Description:

Please choose Map Reduce as the execution engine for Hive queries related to the Solr index. Tez will NOT work because Lucidwork's Hive SerDe does not yet support Hive 2 officially. It has been roadmapped for a future release. Currently, only Tez on Hive 1.x is supported.

Issue Description:

  • On kerberized clusters, accessing the Banana UI gives a Kerberos Replay Error and fails to load.


  • Disable the jvm kerberos replay cache for the solr process instance. Note this does not affect the global kerberos replay cache for the KDC, and therefore other services.

To accomplish this:

Go to Ambari UI -> Solr -> Configs -> Advanced solr-config-env -> solr.in.sh.template, then add:

  SOLR_OPTS="$SOLR_OPTS -Dsun.security.krb5.rcache=none"

Then restart the Solr service.