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What’s Included In A Bundle

SmartSense collects following types of data:

  • Operating System

    • Configuration (Partition layouts, file system mount options, key service status, network configurations, etc.)

    • Metrics (CPU, memory, IO statistics, network statistics, etc.)

    • Logs (System messages, driver messages)

  • HDP Service

    • Configuration

    • Metrics (JMX reports, installed packages)

    • Logs (Only for support case troubleshooting and not for SmartSense Analysis)

To see specific data and files that are captured, perform a capture in your environment, then download the unencrypted bundle to see what data is collected.

Bundle Security

We take security seriously. There are multiple levels of provisions made to make sure that any sensitive data is protected to the extent possible.

  • Anonymization and Exclusions

    • All IP addresses and host names are ALWAYS anonymized

    • Passwords such as hive, oozie, sqoop, ambari password are excluded from collection

  • Encryption

    • SmartSense Analysis bundles are optionally encrypted using AES + RSA encryption

  • Further customizations

    • Custom anonymization rules can be configured to include environment-specific patterns

    • By default, all IP addresses, the domain component of Fully Qualified Domain Names, and S3 and WASB access keys are anonymized.

    • Custom configuration can be added to additionally exclude files and Hadoop properties from collection.

Bundles sent to the Hortonworks SmartSense Analysis environment are stored in their original anonymized and encrypted form for 90 days before being removed. Specific metadata such as Ambari and HDP stack version, node count, and amount of storage available/used are stored for trending rules analysis. Recommendations generated for each bundle are made available through the Hortonworks Support Portal and are stored for feedback purposes and used to improve future recommendations.

To get more information on bundles and take a look inside a typical bundle, refer to the How to inspect SmartSense bundle contents Hortonworks Community Connection post.