Introduction to SmartSense
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SmartSense collects the following types of data:

  • Operating system:

    • Configuration (partition layouts, file system mount options, key service status, network configurations, and so on)

    • Metrics (CPU, memory, I/O statistics, network statistics, and so on)

    • Logs (system messages and driver messages)

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) service:

    • Configuration

    • Metrics (JMX reports and installed packages)

    • Logs (only for support case troubleshooting: not for proactive analysis)

    • Summary of cluster activity

When using SmartSense to capture support case troubleshooting bundles for issues with YARN applications or Hive queries, SmartSense captures additional data.

YARN application capture:

  • Job configuration

  • Job counters

  • Job recommendations

  • Job summary

  • Job logs

  • Task counters

  • Task summary

Hive Query capture:

  • Query plan

  • Explain plain

  • set –v output

  • HS2 HA znode info

  • Hive operations log

  • YARN logs

To find out what exactly is captured in your specific environment, navigate to the SmartSense View and from the menu select What is Captured. The What is Captured page includes a list of all components that are captured by SmartSense.

If you would like to see the exact data and files that are captured, perform a capture and then download the unencrypted bundle. To see a step-by-step example of how to do this, refer to the Hortonworks Community Connection post on how to inspect SmartSense bundle contents. If any files contain information that you would like to remove, replace, or anonymize, refer to the documentation for configuring data anonymization rules.