Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.9.0

Known issues in Cloudera Manager 7.9.0

Cloudera bug: OPSAPS-59764: Memory leak in the Cloudera Manager agent while downloading the parcels.

When using the M2Crpyto library in the Cloudera Manager agent to download parcels causes a memory leak.

The Cloudera Manager server requires parcels to install a cluster. If any of the URLs of parcels are modified, then the server provides information to all the Cloudera Manager agent processes that are installed on each cluster host.

The Cloudera Manager agent then starts checking for updates regularly by downloading the manifest file that is available under each of the URLs. However, if the URL is invalid or not reachable to download the parcel, then the Cloudera Manager agent shows a 404 error message and the memory of the Cloudera Manager agent process increases due to a memory leak in the file downloader code of the agent.

To prevent this memory leak, ensure all URLs of parcels in Cloudera Manager are reachable. To achieve this, delete all unused and unreachable parcels from the Cloudera Manager parcels page.

Cloudera bug: OPSAPS-65003: Cloudera Manager cluster availability health test reports false alerts
Cloudera Manager server causes false alerts from the Cloudera Manager cluster availability health test during replacement of the Cloudera Manager server such as an operating system rolling upgrade with VM replacement upgrade. Cloudera Manager cluster availability health test is now disabled by default to avoid false alerts.