Updating a license

CSM Operator requires a valid license to function. You must update expired licenses, otherwise, cluster resources will break down over time.

You register your initial license during installation by setting the clouderaLicense.fileContent Helm chart property. When this property is set, a Kubernetes secret is automatically generated that stores your license. The name of the secret is csm-op-license.

If the license expires, it must be updated. You update the license by updating the secret that stores the license with your new license. Specifically, you update the value of the data.license property in the secret with your new license.

Licenses can be updated at any point in time. If your license is already expired and you update your license, restrictions on functionality are lifted immediately after the license is updated.

Updating a license does not carry any risks and does not result in cluster downtime.

  1. Create a manifest in YAML format that defines the license secret.
    Add your new license to stringData.license. Ensure that you add the full contents of the license as it is in the license file you received from Cloudera.
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Secret
      name: csm-op-license
    type: Opaque
      license: |
        [***YOUR LICENSE***]
  2. Replace your old secret with the new one.
    kubectl replace --namespace [***NAMESPACE***] -filename [***LICENSE SECRET YAML***]
  3. Verify that the license is updated.
    kubectl get secret csm-op-license \
      --namespace [***NAMESPACE***] \
      --output jsonpath=“{.data.license}” \
    | base64 --decode

    The output of this command should be identical with the contents of the license file you received from Cloudera.