CSM Operator requires a valid license to function. Licenses are made available to you together with your Cloudera credentials as part of your license and subscription agreement with Cloudera.

Licenses are registered during CSM Operator installation. They are stored in a Kubernetes secret. Licenses can be updated at any time.

Licenses are valid for a set period of time. Once the license expires, the cluster resources you deployed will continue to run. However, reconciliation of resources will be blocked. For example, failed pods will not be restarted, scaling your clusters will not be possible. In general, the control mechanisms in place that keep resources healthy will be blocked. This leads to deployed resources breaking down over time.

CSM Operator publishes various log entries and Kubernetes events related to your licenses.

For example, if your license expires or becomes invalid due to any reason, appropriate logs and events are published notifying you that there are issues with your license.

These logs and events are published for the Strimzi Cluster Operator deployment. You can check these logs and events with the following commands.

kubectl events deployments/strimzi-cluster-operator --namespace [***NAMESPACE***]
kubectl logs deployment/strimzi-cluster-operator --namespace [***NAMESPACE***]