January 14, 2022

This release (1.13.1) of Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) on CDP Private Cloud 1.3.3 includes the following features and fixes.

For known issues and limitations, see Known issues and limitations in Cloudera Data Engineerings.

New features

Support for HDFS transparent encryption
Encryption at rest (HDFS transparent encryption) is now supported.
Custom Docker container images
Custom Docker container images are now supported.
Apache Spark 3
You can now create Spark 3 virtual clusters and run Spark 3 jobs.
Apache Airflow 2
The embedded Apache Airflow deployment has been upgraded to Airflow 2.
Default external volume size increased to 500 GB
The default external volume size is now 500 GB for each virtual cluster (100 GB each for the 5 components in a virtual cluster).

Fixed issues

DEX-4860 : Add support for cross-VC Apache Airflow jobs
Airflow workflows that run jobs in a separate virtual cluster (VC) now work.
CVE-2021-44228 (Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability)
CVE-2021-44228 has been addressed in CDE on CDP Private Cloud 1.3.3 by upgrading Apache Log4j 2 to version 2.16.