Connecting to Cloudera Manager

After the cluster is ready, log in to Cloudera Manager and access the cluster.

To access Cloudera Manager:

  1. Use the status command to get the host IP address of Cloudera Manager:
    $ cloudera-director status aws.conf
    Cloudera Director displays output similar to the following:
    Cloudera Launchpad 1.0.0 initializing ...
    Cloudera Manager:
    * Instance: Owner=wintermute,Group=manager
    * Shell: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    Cluster Instances:
    * Instance 1: Owner=wintermute,Group=master
    * Shell 1: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 2: Owner=wintermute,Group=slave
    * Shell 2: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 3: Owner=wintermute,Group=slave
    * Shell 3: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 4: Owner=wintermute,Group=slave
    * Shell 4: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 5: Owner=wintermute,Group=slave
    * Shell 5: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 6: Owner=wintermute,Group=slave
    * Shell 6: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 7: Owner=wintermute,Group=gateway
    * Shell 7: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 8: Owner=wintermute,Group=master
    * Shell 8: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    * Instance 9: Owner=wintermute,Group=master
    * Shell 9: ssh -i /root/.ssh/launchpad root@
    Launchpad Gateway:
    * Gateway Shell: ssh -i /path/to/launchpad/host/keyName.pem -L 7180: -L 7187:
    Cluster Consoles:
    * Cloudera Manager: http://localhost:7180
    * Cloudera Navigator: http://localhost:7187

    In this example, the host IP address is

  2. Change to the directory where your keyfile.pem file is located. Then, route the connection over SSH:
    $ ssh -L 7180:cm-host-private-ip:7180 ec2-user@cm-host-public-ip
    # go to http://localhost:7180 in your browser and login with admin/admin
  3. Open a web browser and enter http://localhost:7180 to connect to Cloudera Manager. Use admin as the username and password.
  4. Add any additional services to the cluster. The CDH 5 parcel was already distributed by Cloudera Director.