Running Altus Director Client

After you modify the configuration file, you can run Altus Director client.

The following CLI commands are available for use with the Altus Director server:
  • bootstrap-remote
  • terminate-remote
  • validate-remote
  • convert-remote

For more information on using the client to deploy clusters on the server, see Submitting a Cluster Configuration File.

  1. From the cluster launcher, enter the following:
    [ec2-user@ip-10-1-1-18]$ cloudera-director bootstrap-remote cluster.conf --lp.remote.username=admin --lp.remote.password=admin 
    The default administrative user name and password for Altus Director is admin. If you change the administrative user name and password, run the bootstrap-remote command with the new administrative user name and password.
  2. To monitor Altus Director, log in to the cluster launcher and view the application log:
     $ ssh ec2-user@
    Last login: Tue Mar 18 20:33:38 2014 from
    [ec2-user@ip-10-1-1-18]$ tail -f ~/.cloudera-director/logs/application.log