Cloudera Manager Health Information

The following Cloudera Manager health information is available through Altus Director server:
  • Host health
  • Service health
  • Cluster health
The health value is displayed in the Status column for each entity, when health information is available. Possible health values are:
  • Disabled - Health collection has been disabled on Cloudera Manager.
  • Not Available - Altus Director does not currently have health information, or a health has "expired."
  • Bad - Cloudera Manager reports the health as bad.
  • Concerning - Cloudera Manager reports the health as concerning.
  • Good - Cloudera Manager reports the health as good.
You can configure the health cache with the following settings in the file:
  • - How often the Altus Director server polls Cloudera Manager for health information. The default value is 30,000 ms (30 seconds). To disable health collection, set to 0.
  • - The number of threads used to simultaneously request health information from Cloudera Manager. the default value is 5.
  • - Used to determine if a health value is stale. If the health value has not been updated in pollingRateInMilliseconds * expirationMultiplier milliseconds, then the health value is considered stale and is reported to the web UI as NOT_AVAILABLE. Using the default settings, for example, if health has not been reported in 2 * 30,000 milliseconds = 60 seconds, it becomes stale. The default value is 2.