Required Privileges

The following table describes the user privilege requirements for package-based installation of CDH without Cloudera Manager. These requirements are standard UNIX system requirements for installing and managing packages and services.

Required Privileges for CLI Installation
Task Permissions Required
Install CDH components root or sudo access for installing any RPM-based package, and service startup/shutdown. Passwordless SSH as the root user is not required.
Upgrade a previously installed CDH package root or sudo access. Passwordless SSH as the root user is not required.
Install or upgrade hosts in a CDH cluster Passwordless SSH as root, so that scripts can be used to help manage the CDH package and configuration across the cluster.
Change the CDH package (for example: RPM upgrades, configuration changes that require CDH service restarts, addition of CDH services). root or sudo access to restart any host impacted by the change, which could cause a restart of a given service on each host in the cluster.
Start, stop, or restart a CDH service root or sudo access