Manage and monitor HBase replication policies

After you create an HBase replication policy in CDP Public Cloud Replication Manager, you can perform and monitor various tasks related to the replication policy. You can also view the job progress and replication logs.

You can perform the following actions and tasks on the replication policy and its jobs on the Replication Policies page:
  • You can edit the policy name and description; view the source cluster name and tables selected in it to be replicated; and view the destination Data Hub or COD and the tables that have been replicated. You cannot remove the tables if you choose Select Source > Replicate Database option during the HBase replication policy creation process.
  • On the Job History tab, you can view the previous replication jobs, current running job, and one future scheduled job for the replication policy. You can perform Actions on the HBase replication policy.
  • On the Charts tab, you can view the HBase RegionServer metrics for a specific replication peer.