Viewing HBase replication policies

On the Replication Policies page, you can view the replication policies and their details.

When you click a HBase replication policy, you can perform the following tasks for the policy:

  • View the policy name, source cluster name and tables selected to be replicated, destination Data Hub or COD, and the tables that have been replicated.

  • Track the job history of the policy.

  • Update the policy to delete tables. Click the edit icon for the Source to update the replication policy.

  • Re-run the last failing update action for the policy job using the Actions > Repair option. Replication job might fail if a table is deleted from the policy, or if a suspended policy has been resumed.

  • Delete a policy using the Actions > Delete option.

  • Pause or suspend replicating data using the Actions > Suspend option.

  • Resume replicating data using the Actions > Resume option.