Viewing HBase RegionServer replication peer metrics

You can view HBase RegionServer metrics specific to a replication peer as a graph on the "Charts" tab for a replication policy on the "Replication Policies" page.

  1. Go to the Replication Policies page in CDP Public Cloud Replication Manager.
  2. Click a successful HBase replication policy that is not in an erroneous state.
  3. Go to the Charts tab.
  4. Choose the following options depending on your requirement:
    1. Choose one of the following HBase replication peer metric:
      • Age of last shipped operation
      • Age of last shipped operation rate
      • Log edits filtered rate
      • Log edits read rate
      • Log queue size
      • Log read in bytes rate
      • Shipped batches rate
      • Shipped ops rate
      • Shipped size in kb rate
      • Shipped hfiles rate
      • Size of hfile refs queue
    2. Choose an aggregate rollup level for the metrics:
      • Raw
      • 10 minutes
      • 1 hour
      • 6 hours
      • Daily
      • Weekly
    3. Choose a Start Time.
    4. Choose an End Time.
  5. Click Load Metrics to view the graphs.