About Replication Manager

Replication Manager is a service in CDP Public Cloud that enables you to copy and migrate data from CDH 5.13+ and above clusters (HDFS, Hive, and HBase data) and CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.4 and above clusters (HDFS, Hive external tables, and HBase data) to CDP Public Cloud clusters. You can also migrate HDFS data from cloud storage to CDH clusters. The supported Public Cloud services include Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen2 (ABFS).

You can create replication policies to replicate data. Before you create a replication policy, you must prepare the clusters, register the on-premises clusters (CDH or CDP Private Cloud Base) in Management Console, register the cloud storage in Replication Manager, and verify whether the minimum port configuration is configured.

After you create a replication policy, you can perform various actions on the replication policy. You can monitor the replication jobs, view job history, and perform actions on the replication job.