CDP CLI for Replication Manager

You can use CDP CLI commands to create and manage HDFS and Hive replication policies in Replication Manager. You can also register the ABFS and AWS cloud credentials to use in Replication Manager. The CDP CLI commands for Replication Manager are under the "replicationmanager" CDP CLI option.


To use CDP CLI commands for Replication Manager, ensure that the following are available:

  1. CDP CLI client.

    For information about installing a CDP CLI client, see Installing CDP CLI client.

  2. Access to CDP CLI.
    Choose one of the following methods to log into CDP CLI:
    • Interactive method. This login method grants a 12-hour access key to the CLI. For more information, see Logging into CLI/SDK.
    • Traditional method. In this method, you generate access credentials and configure the ~/.cdp/credentials file with the key pair. This login method allows you to withdraw the access permission by removing the access credentials from the ~/.cdp/credentials file. For more information, see Generating an API access key and Configuring CDP client with the API access key.

Access CLI help

CDP CLI includes help that can be accessed by using the cdp help command. To get more information about a certain CDP CLI, you can use cdp [***module-name***] [***command-name***] help command.

You can also find all of the CDP CLI commands in the CDP CLI Reference documentation.