Known Issues

This section lists known issues that you might run into while using the Replication Manager service.

DMX-348: Export remote Hive Metastore step failed while using Replication Manager
Problem: While creating a replication policy with no Sentry permissions for the source database/tables, with latest Data Lake clusters, an error message appears The remote command failed with error message: Command (HDFS replication (433)) has failed.
Workaround: Make sure that while using CDH cluster(s), you do not use MapReduce 1 service.
DMX-355: Currently, Replication Manager does not work efficiently with high-frequency policies.
Workaround: Recommend using policy frequency which is greater than 30 mins.
DMX-364: Multiple instance of Replication Manager UI displays as "In Progress"
Problem: When the replication policy is scheduled with a specific interval, it is seen from the UI that all the instances are "In Progress" and one of the instances is failed.
Workaround: Refresh the web browser and try again.
DMX-391: Schedule Run option displays only "Does not repeat" and "Custom" options
Workaround:Recommend to use "Does not repeat" or "Run now" option to schedule the replication policy.
DMX-489: With default replication configurations, small files consuming more time to complete the replication process
Workaround: You can increase the number of mappers to improve the replication performance.
DMX-521: While performing Hive replication from CDH to CDP, drop table functionality does not work
Problem: While running Hive replication policy, if you drop a table, it is not dropped on the target cluster. The data still remains and 'show tables' displays the dropped table after successful replication instances.
DMX-636: Inconsistency in the value of Timestamp Type column when source ORC is replicated, and source and target clusters are in different time zones
Problem: From an Auto TLS source cluster, when a ORC table with static data is replicated, the data in the Timestamp Type column does not match in the target cluster.
DMX-666: Replication fails when the exception "connection timed out" is not handled in Cloudera Manager
Workaround: Ensure there is connectivity between Source Cloudera Manager and SDX CM. If the source hostname is not resolved to IP, add the host mapping of Cloudera Manager host to /etc/hosts entries of SDX CM.
DMX-518: CDH to CDP Replication: While the replication instance is running, Hive policy fails when a table is dropped at the source database (export tables)
DMX-519: CDH to CDP Replication: Hive replication policy fails when inserts are done on a source table when the replication instance was in progress.
Problem: If the snapshots on /user/hive/warehouse directory is not enabled, Hive replication policy fails when inserts are done on a source table.