Replication Policies page

The "Replication Policies" page shows the number of replication policies that are active, the number of policies that have been suspended, the number of policies that are in error state, and the total number of replication policies available in Replication Manager. The page also provides a detailed view about the replication policies.

The Replication Policies page shows the number of policies that have the following status:
  • Error indicates replication policies associated with a cluster designated as Error on the Classic Clusters map. Click the number to understand the policy names, the names of the source and destination clusters, and which services are stopped on the source or destination cluster.
  • Active replication policies that are in Submitted or Running state. This item is not actionable.
  • Suspended replication policies that have been suspended by the administrator. This item is not actionable.
  • Total number of running policies.

Click a replication policy to view more details about the policy. Click Actions to perform more actions on a replication policy.

Replication policy details

You can also view the following policy details on the Replication Policies page:
  • Current policy Status .
  • Policy Type shows HDFS, Hive, or HBase.
  • Replication policy Name .
  • Source cluster name.
  • Destination cluster name.
  • Jobs that were run for the replication policy and its current status.
  • Duration or time taken to run the policy.
  • Last Success timestamp of the last successful run.
  • Next Run timestamp of the next scheduled run.
You can change the following options on the Replication Policies page:
  • Change the timezone for the timestamps on the page.
  • Choose one of the following options to Load policies faster by delaying to load their job history:
    • Delay loading job history when history is too long
    • Always load job history
    • Never load job history
By default, the replication policies are loaded only partially on the Replication Policies page, therefore the page might display incomplete statistics about a job status and replication policies with failed jobs might take a longer time to load. You can change the behavior depending on your requirements.