Cloud Credentials page

The Cloud Credentials page shows the registered cloud credentials for Replication Manager. To replicate data to or from a storage cloud account, you must register the cloud credentials, so that the Replication Manager can access your cloud account. The supported cloud storage accounts are Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Filesystem (ABFS). On the Cloud Credentials page, you can add cloud credentials. You can also update or delete the credentials when necessary.

When you add cloud credentials for your Amazon S3 account, you can choose one of the following authentication methods:

  • Access secret key. To use this authentication type, you require an AWS Access Key and an AWS Secret key that you obtain from Amazon. Cloudera Manager stores these values securely and does not store them in world-readable locations. The credentials are masked and encrypted in the configurations passed to processes managed by Cloudera Manager, and redacted from the logs.
  • IAM role. Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be used to create users, groups, and roles for use with Amazon Web Services, such as EC2 and Amazon S3. IAM role-based access provides the same level of access to all clients that use the role.

You can perform the following tasks on the Cloud Credentials page to manage cloud credentials:

Add cloud credentials

You can add cloud credentials for your S3 or ABFS account. For information about adding cloud credentials, see Working with Cloud Credentials.

Update cloud credentials

You can update the cloud credentials based on various factors. When the bucket configuration such as secret or access keys, bucket name or endpoint, and encryption type is changed, it can affect the Replication Manager replication policy run and might require an update to the Replication Manager cloud credentials.

Credential changes are picked up by the next run of the policy. When you change the credentials, the in-progress policy runs might fail but the succeeding runs pick up the changes.

To update a cloud credential, click Actions > Update.

Delete cloud credentials

You can delete unwanted credentials from the Replication Manager. When you delete cloud credentials, the replication policies that use the deleted cloud credentials might fail. To avoid failures, delete the Replication Manager cloud policies associated with the deleted credentials and recreate the policies with the new credentials. You can view a list of policies associated with specific credentials on the Cloud Credentials page.

To delete a cloud credential, click Actions > Delete.