Different methods to identify errors related to failed replication policy

What are the different methods to identify errors while troubleshooting a failed replication policy?

You can choose one of the following methods to identify the errors to troubleshoot a job failure:
  • On the Replication Policies page, click the failed job in the Job History pane. The errors for the failed job appear.
    The following sample image shows the Job History pane for a replication policy job:
  • In the source and target Cloudera Manager, click Running Commands on the left navigation bar. The recent command history shows the failed commands.
    The following sample image shows the Running Commands page for an HBase replication policy:
  • On the source cluster and target cluster, open the service logs to track the errors (For example, HBase service logs).

    You can also search on the Cloudera Manager > Diagnostics > Logs page to view the logs.