Tracking, monitoring, and troubleshooting replication policies

After you create a replication policy, you can track the replication policy job progress, monitor the status of the replication policies, and troubleshoot the failed replication policies in CDP Public Cloud Replication Manager.

Tracking and monitoring replication policies

You can view, track, and monitor the available replication policies on the Replication Manager UI:

  • Overview page. This page shows the statistics in the Policies, Jobs, and Issues & Updates panels.
  • Replication Policies page. This page lists all the replication policies and information about each replication policy.

Troubleshooting replication policies

You can use one of the following methods to troubleshoot a failed replication policy:

  • Click the failed job on the Replication Manager > Replication Policies > Job History panel. The errors for the failed job appear.

  • Click Cloudera Manager > Running Commands for the source or target cluster. The recent command history shows the failed commands.
  • Open the service logs in Cloudera Manager to track the errors on the source cluster and target cluster. For example, HBase service logs.