Monitor HBase RegionServer replication peer metrics in Replication Manager

When you click a replication policy on the "Replication Policies" page, the "Charts" tab appears. On this tab, when you choose the HBase replication peer metric, aggregate rollup level, start time, and end time, a graphical representation of HBase RegionServer metrics specific to the replication peer appears.

Cloudera Manager monitors several metrics which includes performance metrics for the HBase RegionServer. Replication Manager leverages this capability to display the HBase RegionServer metrics specific to a replication peer as a graph on the Charts tab for a replication policy, and stores it in the source cluster of the replication policy. You can use these metrics to monitor a HBase replication job and to find and diagnose issues related to the HBase replication peer.

You can view these metrics for a replication peer only if the following conditions are true:

  • The source Cloudera Manager API version is 42 or higher and the target Cloudera Manager API version is 53 or higher.
  • The HBase replication policy has been successfully created and is not in an erroneous state.

For more information about the available metrics, see HBase RegionServer Replication Peer Metrics.