1. Configuring Your Cluster for Files View

Configuring HDFS for Files View

You need to set up an HDFS proxy user for the Ambari daemon account. For example, if ambari-server daemon is runnng as root, you set up a proxy user for root in core-site by adding and changing properties in HDFS > Configs > Custom core-site:



Restart the required components as indicated by Ambari. If you want to add multiple views, you can restart services once, after making changes for all views.


If Ambari Server is running as a non-root user, such as 'ambari', and you are planning on using Ambari Views, the following properties in Services > HDFS > Configs > Advanced core-site must be added:


See the Ambari Security Guide for more information about How to Configure Ambari Server for Non-Root.


This view stores user metadata in HDFS. By default, the location in HDFS for this metadata is /user/<user name of logged in user>. Since many users leverage the 'admin' account for getting started with Ambari, the /user/admin folder needs to be created. To do so execute the following commands as the hdfs user:

su - hdfs
hadoop fs -mkdir /user/admin
hadoop fs -chown admin:hadoop /user/admin

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