1. Prerequisites

There are several requirements that need to be considered when setting up multiple Ambari Server “standalone” instances:

  • Ambari Server instances should be the same version.

  • The Ambari Server instances should point to the same underlying database.

  • Ambari database should be scaled and made highly-available, independent of Ambari Server.

  • If using an external authentication source (such as LDAP or Active Directory), Ambari Server authentication should be configured the same for all Ambari Server instances.

  • If the cluster you are accessing with Views is Kerberos-enabled, you need to configure Ambari and the Views for Kerberos.

  • Run the multiple “standalone” Ambari Server instances behind a Reverse Proxy.

After your standalone Ambari Servers are setup and configured, you can configure the views to communicate with your HDP cluster.


Figure 2.1. Configuring Views with your HDP Cluster

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