Ambari Release Notes
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AMBARI-11646 BUG-36755 Need option to not override local uid
AMBARI-12249 BUG-40688 Exceptions encountered in Ambari Views are missing in ambari-server.log
AMBARI-12855 BUG-42465 Flume agents action drop-down is displayed incorrectly
AMBARI-12956 BUG-43569 Host Checks: should not warn on nagios, ganglia or puppet packages
AMBARI-12991 BUG-43809 Phoenix rpm should not be installed if not being used in Ambari
AMBARI-13006 BUG-43478 dfs.namenode.accesstime.precision cannot be set when using HDP-2.2
AMBARI-13067 BUG-43905 Kafka: Add Service Action options for Rolling Restart and Rolling Stop
AMBARI-13192 BUG-44781 Metrics data for last one month is missing many data points that should exist