Ambari Release Notes
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AMBARI-12018 BUG-43103 JCE policy file is getting deleted (and replaced) but start is occuring before unzip is complete
AMBARI-12179 BUG-39646 Tez UI w-enc static view in Ambari points to wrong ATS URL
AMBARI-12248 BUG-32683Filter out of band metric data received on the metric collector
AMBARI-12282 BUG-40615 Ambari JDK8 upgrade does not deploy JDK8 on DataNodes/NodeManagers
AMBARI-12476 BUG-43495 No widgets created for a blueprint deployed cluster
AMBARI-12538 BUG-41802 Attempting to access the Ambari Dashboard results in an HTTP 500 Error after changing cluster name and restarting the Ambari server
AMBARI-12710 BUG-41641 More than one Nimbus component can be added with HDP 2.2 or earlier
AMBARI-12713 BUG-42116 Empty Alert groups dropdown after page refresh
AMBARI-12781 BUG-40851 Hive View: broken sort on "Saved Queries" "History" "UDFs" tabs
AMBARI-12783 BUG-41673 Ambari Views: Capacity Scheduler View - Downloaded xml with configs is not actually proper xml
AMBARI-12787 BUG-42322 Add Host is only performing Hostname Resolution check for added hosts
AMBARI-12788 BUG-42457 Hive view's Visual Explain panel does not work
AMBARI-12792 BUG-42641 Component cannot be deleted after refreshing host details page
AMBARI-12801 BUG-42572 Removing hive.heapsize breaks template generation
AMBARI-12802 BUG-41977 Copy alert group doesn't copy actual alerts list
AMBARI-12804 BUG-42537 HDFS quicklinks are empty if refresh page on Configs or Heatmaps page
AMBARI-12815 BUG-36502 Change the default of topology.max.spout.pending from null to 1000 for Storm to prevent failures for Spout
AMBARI-12818 BUG-42379 Properties autotrimming works incorrectly
AMBARI-12848 BUG-42150 Hive View: Tabs on the right disappear after executing queries
AMBARI-12894 BUG-40666 Changing mapreduce.application.classpath via Ambari doesn't prompt for Hive Restart
AMBARI-12912 BUG-43256 Python Wrapper Can Choose Two Different Python Versions
AMBARI-12917 BUG-42797 Changing python path in ams-env does not affect psutil build
AMBARI-12918 BUG-42558 Ambari Metrics check fails intermittently when Starting all services
AMBARI-12962 BUG-43109 New ambari-agent logging infra makes it difficult to attach a log4j appender
AMBARI-12975 BUG-43245 HBase metrics on Heatmaps are not available from RegionServer component
AMBARI-13008 BUG-43867 UI does not tolerate ATS being absent
AMBARI-13011 BUG-43629 Add service: js error while adding service
AMBARI-13016 BUG-42905 Accumulo Service Check fails after moving Namenode
AMBARI-13022 BUG-43906 Ambari NameNode UI Quick Links resolve to wrong port when NN HA is enabled
AMBARI-13027 BUG-40552 AMS status should indicate failure in a dead RS scenario
AMBARI-13044 BUG-42059 FE: Config group has incorrect number of hosts
AMBARI-13047 BUG-43096 Pig service check fails on kerberized when smokeuser ticket expires
AMBARI-13075 BUG-42607 Make ambari-server robust/debuggable if user accidentally adds a config type to a config groups when it does not exist as base type
AMBARI-13080 BUG-44296 Log a WARN/ERROR when invalid blueprint is POST'ed
AMBARI-13089 BUG-43320 Ambari seems to strip %Y %M %D, etc partitioning options from Flume output paths
AMBARI-13112 BUG-43854 getting consistency check failed error while adding new service
AMBARI-13113 BUG-44348 Ranger Hive Tests failing - deny operations