Ambari Release Notes
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AMBARI-12635 BUG-37220 If the "current" stack version status is OUT_OF_SYNC, no version box is displayed on Admin > Stacks > Version page
AMBARI-12730BUG-42156 Ambari Server schema upgrade should prompt about backups
AMBARI-12751 BUG-42851 MapRed history server is shown as stopped after downgrade
AMBARI-12784 BUG-42514 RU: HS2 fails to start with invalid maximum heap size
AMBARI-12850 BUG-42048 Downgrades That Are Retried With Unhealthy Hosts Can Produce Multiple Stages In Progress
AMBARI-12863 BUG-42513 RU: Alter service check order
AMBARI-12867 BUG-43038 Do Not Automatically Abort Stack Repository Installation When A Host Timed Out
AMBARI-12869 BUG-42968 Problem with and https option
AMBARI-12895 BUG-42495 After upgrading Ambari to 2.1, hbase.bucketcache.size value has an "m" added to it preventing region servers from starting
AMBARI-12900 BUG-43304 Ambari overrides hot-fixed tez tarball on HDFS everytime HiveServer is restarted
AMBARI-12936 BUG-43446 Update the 2.1 -> 2.3 UpgradeCatalog to include three Storm properties
AMBARI-12942 BUG-43317 Ambari did disable the node labels while doing the upgrade HDP 2.2 -> HDP 2.3
AMBARI-12997 BUG-42467 After upgrading Ambari 2.0.1 to 2.1.0, it's flagging hive.server2.authentication.ldap.baseDN as a required field
AMBARI-12999 BUG-43445 Make link creation upgrade compatible, because after upgrade, Storm start fails
AMBARI-13014 BUG-43893 RU: Installing version stuck on host
AMBARI-13018 BUG-43463 Upgrade API Endpoint Should Rely on Prerequisite Endpoint Before Running
AMBARI-13026 BUG-43806 Ambari overriding customer specific properties for HDFS, YARN and Hive on Upgrade of Ambari
AMBARI-13043 BUG-43659 Ambari upgrade 1.6.1 to 2.1.1. Missed info from stack_versions endpoint
AMBARI-13057 BUG-44074 UpgradeCatalogs should use integer specifiers
AMBARI-13096 BUG-44291 HDP-2.2 to HDP-2.3 RU is missing a JAR in 'templeton.libjars' config value