Ambari Release Notes
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AMBARI-12543 BUG-41393 FE: Hosts page table UI code takes atleast 4.2s to populate 100 host entries (7-9 seconds total)
AMBARI-12655 BUG-41948 Hosts Page Performance: Filter update/save related problems
AMBARI-12656 BUG-41949 Hosts Page Performance: Avoid triggering hosts loading immediately after switching to hosts tab
AMBARI-12708 BUG-41951 Hosts Page Performance: Reuse existing FE host model on drill in/out single host detail
AMBARI-12714 BUG-42113 FE: Adding 100 definitions to the alert group takes too much time
AMBARI-12715 BUG-42061 FE: Adding 1000 hosts to config group takes 50-60 seconds to process
AMBARI-12717 BUG-41979 Ambari UI with 10K+ alerts on the cluster becomes unresponsive after opening alerts popup
AMBARI-12721 BUG-41967 Assign Slaves and Clients. Table timings issue
AMBARI-12733 BUG-41973 FE: Alert-Definition-Groups and Config-Groups dropdowns are too long
AMBARI-12739 BUG-42372 Switching alert group in the "manage alert groups popup" is too slow
AMBARI-12741 BUG-40936 AMS Collector process takes way more Virtual memory than Xmx setting
AMBARI-12743 BUG-42247 No Data Available on Hosts Metrics graphs
AMBARI-12757 BUG-41955 Hosts Page Performance: Hosts page takes 2-3 seconds to render an 100 items page
AMBARI-12764 BUG-42460 ASW. Assign Masters Page. Click "+" takes 3 seconds (only JS processing) to display combobox with new component's host
AMBARI-12785 BUG-42541 App.componentConfigMapper takes too much time
AMBARI-12786 BUG-42634 App.alertGroupsMapper shouldn't commit not changed data
AMBARI-12794 BUG-41954 Hosts Page Performance: Hosts mapper running time degrade over time
AMBARI-12800 BUG-42637 App.alertNotificationMapper takes 4-5 seconds with 1000 notifications
AMBARI-12805 BUG-42750 Filtering in the "Select Configuration Group Hosts"-popup is too slow, when there are more than 1000 hosts
AMBARI-12806 BUG-42538 Status marker xpath for components does not update dynamically on host details page
AMBARI-12829 BUG-42960 Filtering in the "Select Alert Group Definitions"-popup is too slow, when there are more than 1000 definitions
AMBARI-12833 BUG-42965 Improve alert definitions and alert definitions summary mappers
AMBARI-12839 BUG-43453 “Customize Services” section during Add Service wizard stuck with a loading icon
AMBARI-12852 BUG-43293 FE: step transitions in Add Service Wizard are slow
AMBARI-12868 BUG-43193 Improve calls to the localStorage
AMBARI-12871 BUG-40476 Ambari startup scripts exhibit long delays (5+ seconds each) on every "modifying user" operation. This adds a few minutes to the time it takes to start or restart any component, causing excessive downtime for every config change.
AMBARI-12881 BUG-42928 Ambari metrics shows data sparsely
AMBARI-13024 BUG-42991 Disable MetricsDataTransferMethodFactory for AMS
AMBARI-12959 BUG-41969 FE: Server overloaded with POST calls after changing config group
AMBARI-13025 BUG-42409 Switching config versions results in 'Restart Required' message showing up with delay
AMBARI-13035 BUG-42423 BE / Hosts Page Performance: "alerts_summary" takes too long to load and slows down Hosts page rendering significantly
AMBARI-13115 BUG-41396 BE: Call to filter 100 hosts by alerts takes 25s on 800 node cluster