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3. Collect Information

Before deploying an HDP cluster, you should collect the following information:

  • The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of each host in your system. The Ambari install wizard supports using IP addresses. You can use hostname -f to check or verify the FQDN of a host.


    Deploying all HDP components on a single host is possible, but is appropriate only for initial evaluation purposes. Typically, you set up at least three hosts; one master host and two slaves, as a minimum cluster.

  • A list of components you want to set up on each host.

  • The base directories you want to use as mount points for storing:

    • NameNode data

    • DataNodes data

    • Secondary NameNode data

    • Oozie data

    • YARN data

    • ZooKeeper data, if you install ZooKeeper

    • Various log, pid, and db files, depending on your install type


    You must use base directories that provide persistent storage locations for your HDP components and your Hadoop data. Installing HDP components in locations that may be removed from a host may result in cluster failure or data loss. For example: Do Not use /tmp in a base directory path.