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2.6. Memory Requirements

The Ambari host should have at least 1 GB RAM, with 500 MB free.

To check available memory on any host, run:

free -m

If you plan to install the Ambari Metrics Service (AMS) into your cluster, you should review the Tuning Ambari Metrics section in the Ambari Reference Guide for guidelines on resources requirements. In general, the host you plan to run the Ambari Metrics Collector host should have the following memory and disk space available based on cluster size:

Number of hosts

Memory Available

Disk Space


1024 MB

10 GB


1024 MB

20 GB


2048 MB

50 GB


4096 MB

100 GB


4096 MB

100 GB


8096 MB

200 GB


12288 MB

200 GB


16384 MB

500 GB


The above is offered as guidelines. Be sure to test for your particular environment. Also refer to Package Size and Inode Count Requirements for more information on package size and Inode counts.