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5. Install Options

In order to build up the cluster, the install wizard prompts you for general information about how you want to set it up. You need to supply the FQDN of each of your hosts. The wizard also needs to access the private key file you created in Set Up Password-less SSH. Using the host names and key file information, the wizard can locate, access, and interact securely with all hosts in the cluster.

  1. Use the Target Hosts text box to enter your list of host names, one per line. You can use ranges inside brackets to indicate larger sets of hosts. For example, for host01.domain through host10.domain use host[01-10].domain


    If you are deploying on EC2, use the internal Private DNS host names.

  2. If you want to let Ambari automatically install the Ambari Agent on all your hosts using SSH, select Provide your SSH Private Key and either use the Choose File button in the Host Registration Information section to find the private key file that matches the public key you installed earlier on all your hosts or cut and paste the key into the text box manually.


    If you are using IE 9, the Choose File button may not appear. Use the text box to cut and paste your private key manually.

    Fill in the user name for the SSH key you have selected. If you do not want to use root , you must provide the user name for an account that can execute sudo without entering a password.

  3. If you do not want Ambari to automatically install the Ambari Agents, select Perform manual registration. For further information, see Installing Ambari Agents Manually.

  4. Choose Register and Confirm to continue.