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4. Select Stack

The Service Stack (the Stack) is a coordinated and tested set of HDP components. Use a radio button to select the Stack version you want to install.

Expand Advanced Repository Options to select the Base URL of a repository from which Stack software packages download. Ambari sets the default Base URL for each repository, depending on the Internet connectivity available to the Ambari server host, as follows:

  • For an Ambari Server host having Internet connectivity, Ambari sets the repository Base URL for the latest patch release for the HDP Stack version. For an Ambari Server having NO Internet connectivity, the repository Base URL defaults to the latest patch release version available at the time of Ambari release.

  • You can override the repository Base URL for the HDP Stack with an earlier patch release if you want to install a specific patch release for a given HDP Stack version. For example, the HDP 2.1 Stack will default to the HDP 2.1 Stack patch release 7, or HDP-2.1.7. If you want to install HDP 2.1 Stack patch release 2, or HDP-2.1.2 instead, obtain the Base URL from the HDP Stack documentation, then enter that location in Base URL.

  • If you are using a local repository, see Using a Local Repository for information about configuring a local repository location, then enter that location as the Base URL instead of the default, public-hosted HDP Stack repositories.


The UI displays repository Base URLs based on Operating System Family (OS Family). Be sure to set the correct OS Family based on the Operating System you are running. The following table maps the OS Family to the Operating Systems.

Operating Systems mapped to each OS Family

OS Family

Operating Systems


Red Hat 7, CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7


Red Hat 6, CentOS 6, Oracle Linux 6


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


Ubuntu 12


Ubuntu 14


Debian 7