Apache Ambari Upgrade for IBM Power Systems
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Upgrading Ambari Log Search

If you have Ambari Log Search installed, you must upgrade Ambari Log Search after upgrading Ambari.


Before starting this upgrade, ensure the Ambari Infra components have been upgraded.


  1. Make sure Ambari Log Search service is stopped. From Ambari Web, browse to Services > Log Search and select Stop from the Service Actions menu.

  2. On every host in your cluster running a Log Feeder, run the following commands:

    yum clean all
    yum upgrade ambari-logsearch-logfeeder
  3. Execute the following command on all hosts running the Log Search Server:

    yum upgrade ambari-logsearch-portal
  4. Start Log Search Service.

    From Ambari Web, browse to Services > Log Search select Service Actions then choose Start.

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