Apache Ambari Upgrade for IBM Power Systems
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Upgrading Ambari Metrics


Upgrade to Ambari 2.6 and perform needed post-upgrade checks. Make sure all services are up and healthy.


  1. Make sure Ambari Metrics service is stopped. From Ambari Web, browse to Services > Ambari Metrics and select Stop from the Service Actions menu.

  2. On every host in your cluster running a Metrics Monitor, run the following commands:

    yum clean all
    yum upgrade ambari-metrics-monitor ambari-metrics-hadoop-sink
  3. Execute the following command on all hosts running the Metrics Collector:

    yum upgrade ambari-metrics-collector
  4. Execute the following command on the host running the Grafana component:

    yum upgrade ambari-metrics-grafana
  5. Start Ambari Metrics Service.

    From Ambari Web, browse to Services > Ambari Metrics select Service Actions then choose Start.

    Updated Ambari Metrics Sink jars will be installed on all hosts and you must restart each service to pick up the latest sink implementations.

    Please wait to restart all services until after you have completed all applicable post-upgrade tasks, for example: HDFS, YARN, Kafka, HBase, Flume, Storm.

Next Steps

Restart services, only after you complete all applicable, post-upgrade tasks.


New Ambari Metrics Sinks will not be activated until all services are restarted.