Configuring Cloud Data Access
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Configure access to S3

Access to data in S3 from your cluster VMs can be automatically configured by attaching an existing instance profile allowing access to S3.


You or your AWS admin must create an IAM role with an S3 access policy which can be used by cluster instances to access one or more S3 buckets. Refer to Create an IAM role for S3 access.


  1. On the Cloud Storage page in the advanced cluster wizard view, select Use existing instance profile.
  2. Select an existing IAM role created in step 1.
  3. During the cluster creation process, Cloudbreak assigns the IAM role and its associated permissions to the EC2 instances that are part of the cluster so that applications running on these instances can use the role to access S3. Once your cluster is in the running state, you will be able to access the S3 bucket from the cluster nodes.