Configuring Cloud Data Access
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Configure access to ADLS

To configure authentication with ADLS using the client credential, you must register a new application with Active Directory service and then give your application access to your ADL account. After you’ve performed these steps, you can provide your application’s information when creating a cluster.


Register an application and add it to the ADLS account, as described in Step 1 and Step 2 of the HCC article How to configure authentication with ADLS.

Do not perform the Step 3 described in this article. Cloudbreak automates this step.


  1. In Cloudbreak web UI, on the advanced Cloud Storage page of the create a cluster wizard, select Use existing ADLS storage.
  2. Provide the following parameters for your registered application:
    • ADLS Account Name: This is the ADL account that your application was assigned to.
    • Application ID: You can find it in your application’s settings.
    • Key: This is the key that you generated for your application. If you did not copy the it, you must create a new key from the Keys page in your application’s settings.
  3. Once your cluster is in the running state, you will be able to access the Azure blob storage account from the cluster nodes.