DataPlane Platform Administration
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Configure the target DP instance

Update the Knox SSO settings.

  1. After the containers are started on the target, log in with Super Administrator credentials configured in the source host and navigate to the Admin / Users page.
  2. Click Edit to modify the LDAP setup. Enter the LDAP Administrator password and click Save.
  3. On the target host, execute the following to copy the Knox SSO topology file out of the running container.
    cp knox:/usr/hdp/current/knox-server/conf/topologies/knoxsso.xml .
  4. Open knoxsso.xml and change the knoxsso.redirect.whitelist.regex entry as follows to include target host in Knox whitelist.
  5. Copy the Knox SSO topology file into the running container:
    docker cp knoxsso.xml 
  6. Log in to the target host as usual and verify everything is working fine.