DataPlane Platform Administration
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View cluster details

DP Platform provides two levels of detail about each cluster.

  • You can view general information about a cluster such as status, location, HDP or HDF version, number of nodes, and so forth, from the Clusters page.
  • You can view information such as the status of DataNodes and NodeManagers, heap size, disk space, and so forth, from the cluster Details page.
The DataPlane Admin role is required to perform this task.
  1. Click the (Clusters) icon in the DP Platform navigation pane.
  2. In the cluster list, locate the row for the cluster you want to edit and click the cluster name.
    The Details page displays more information about the selected cluster.
  3. Refresh the values on the Details page by clicking the (Refresh) icon.

    Updated data is retrieved from Ambari.

    You can view the last updated time of the cluster information under the cluster name. This information is updated every 24 hours after the last updated time. Click the refresh button to get the latest information about the cluster.
  4. To view or edit cluster information in Ambari, click the (Actions) icon and then click Go to Ambari.
    A new browser tab opens to the login page for the Ambari host that manages the cluster.