DataPlane Platform Administration
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Edit cluster details

You can modify the Cluster Location, Data Center name, Tags, or Description for any cluster registered in DP Platform.

The DataPlane Admin role is required to perform this task.

After you register a cluster in DP Platform, do not change the cluster name in Ambari. A cluster name change in Ambari currently does not propagate to DataPlane which can result in issues when using clusters with DP apps.
  1. Click the (Clusters) icon in the DP Platform navigation pane.
  2. Optional: Enter a cluster name in the search field and press Enter.
    You can only search by cluster name. You can search by partial or full names.
  3. In the cluster list, locate the row for the cluster you want to edit.
  4. At the end of the row, click the (Actions) icon and then click Edit.
    The Edit Cluster page displays.
  5. Modify the cluster details.
  6. Click Update.
    The Clusters page displays a list with the updated cluster.