DataPlane Platform Administration
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Enable a cluster for use

After registering clusters with DataPlane, you must enable the clusters that can be used with DP apps. Each DP app has specific configuration requirements that a cluster must meet before it can be used with the app.

When you enable a DP app, a check is run to determine if the required engine or agent is installed on any clusters. If the engine is installed but some configuration is still required, the cluster displays on the Services page with the button Enable. If the cluster meets all requirements for the service it is automatically enabled, and the enabled cluster can only be viewed on the Services page by selecting the Show All Clusters action for the service.
The DataPlane Admin role is required to perform this task.

Clusters must be managed by Apache Ambari and registered with DataPlane.

The services you are associating with the clusters must already be enabled in DP Platform.

  1. Click the (Services) icon in the DP Platform navigation pane.
    The Services page displays. Services listed in the table have been enabled. Services identified by a tile icon are available to be enabled.
  2. Click a service.
    A list displays of any clusters that have the required service engine or agent installed but have not yet been configured for use with the service.
    If no clusters display for the service, verify that the clusters you expect to see have been registered with DP Platform, and that the proper service engine or agent has been installed on the clusters.
  3. Click Enable for the cluster you want to use with the service.
    A check runs to determine what configuration is required on the cluster for the service you selected. For example, a required service such as Apache Ranger might be installed on the clusters but not enabled in Apache Ambari.