Data Steward Studio Installation and Upgrade
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Supported Configurations for DSS Installation

Make sure the DSS host and the clusters on which you install the DataPlane Profiler Agent meet the configuration requirements for DSS.

Requirements for the DSS host

The DSS application is installed on the same host at Data Plane Platform and has no requirements beyond what is required by Data Plane Platform.

Cross-version support for DSS application and engine

Table 1. Support by engine or app version
Engine or App Version Supports...
DP Profiler Agent 1.4 HDP 2.6.5, HDP 3.0.0, HDP 3.1.0
DP 1.2.2 and DSS 1.4 UI application DP Profiler Agent 1.4

Requirements for clusters used with Dataplane Profiler Agent

The clusters on which you install the Dataplane Profiler Agent must meet the requirements identified in the following sections.

Table 2. Version requirements for clusters used with DSS
Item Versions
HDP versions 2.6.5, 3.0.0, 3.1.0
Ambari versions, 2.7.0
You can find the most current information about your product’s interoperability for this release on the Support Matrix. The Support Matrix tool provides information about:
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  • JDKs
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HDP Apache Component Requirements for DSS

The following additional Apache components are required on your clusters for DSS support:

Component Purpose Comments
Atlas Required for metadata search and discovery DataPlane Profiler Agent only works with file-based authentication of Atlas.
Hive Only Hive assets are currently supported in DSS for management
Spark2 Required for running profiler jobs
Livy2 Required for submitting profiler jobs to the cluster
Knox Required for authentication, federation, and proxying Knox must be enabled on clusters before you can register the clusters with DPS.
Ranger Required for looking at security policies and mining audit information

Port and Network Requirements for clusters

Have the following ports available and open on each cluster:

Default Port Number Purpose Comments Required to be open?
21900 Port for Dataplane Profiler service on hosts.

Accessibility is required from all clusters.

8080 Ambari server host Yes
6080 Ranger Port Yes
8443 Knox Port Yes
21000 Atlas Port Yes
8999 Livy2 Port Yes