Data Steward Studio Installation and Upgrade
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Upgrade DataPlane Profiler on Ambari

Upgrade DataPlane Profiler using Ambari on the same node where the old one is installed.

  1. Log in to the Ambari node and remove the DataPlane Profiler MPack.
    ambari-server uninstall-mpack --mpack-name=dpprofiler.mpack
  2. Log in to DataPlane Profiler node and remove directories associated with DataPlane profiler service.
    mv /var/lib/profiler_agent /var/lib/profiler_agent.bak
    mv /var/log/profiler_agent /var/log/profiler_agent.bak
    mv /etc/profiler_agent /etc/profiler_agent.bak
    mv /usr/dss /usr/dss.bak
    yum remove audit_profiler hive_metastore_profiler profiler_agent sensitive_info_profiler tablestats_profiler

    If you encounter any warnings of failed file removals, you can ignore them.

  3. Create a backup copy of the DataPlane Profiler warehouse directory on HDFS, as follows:
    su dpprofiler
    hdfs dfs -cp /user/dpprofiler/dwh /user/dpprofiler/dwh.bak
  4. Log in to Ambari node and download the latest Dataplane Profiler mpack.
    wget $MPACK_LINK
  5. Install the new Dataplane Profiler mpack from Ambari.
    ambari-server install-mpack --mpack=/root/dpprofiler-ambari-mpack-1.5.0.tar.gz —verbose
    ambari-server restart
  6. Update the repo link for DSS from Ambari.
  7. Update and confirm the changed details.
  8. Add DataPlane Profiler Agent service from Ambari.
  9. Enter the same database credentials that were configured with previous version of DataPlane Profiler.

    Depending on existing permissions, the profileragent user on this node might need to be granted permissions on the profileragent database.

    Perform the following steps to provide the required permissions.

    • If the database is MySQL, run the following command:
      grant all privileges on profileragent.* to 'profileragent'@'$HOST' identified by 'profileragent';
    • If the database is Postgres, run the following command:
      GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "profileragent" to profileragent;

    During DSS upgrade on HDP 3.x, enable SSO authentication by setting the Enable Knox Single Sign On for Profiler Service property to true. Make sure you also enter the Knox public key for the Knox SSO Public Key property.

  10. During installation, when Dependent Configurations window pops up, deselect all and click OK.
    As part of the installation verification screen, an earlier version of DSS repositories might appear in the labels. You can ignore the version number in the version number and proceed further.
  11. In a kerberos-secured cluster, a message may appear asking for principal and password. Enter the required information and click Save.
  12. Once the installation is complete, log in to the Profiler Agent machine.
    cd /tmp/upgrade/1.5.0
  13. Configure Profiler Agent URL in file upgrade_configs.json file.
  14. Run the DP Profiler post upgrade script.
    su dpprofiler