Data Steward Studio Installation and Upgrade
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Upgrade the Data Steward Studio App

Make sure you take regular backups of the instance before your proceed with the upgrade procedure.

To upgrade from one version to another, you must make note of the existing version and the new upgrade version. You must run the upgrade command from the new upgrade version repository folder and enter the folder details of the existing version.

  1. Back up your existing Data Steward Studio repository dss-app.repo file in .repo format.
  2. Download the upgrade repository tarball to the repository folder:
    wget -nv <upgrade-repo-URL> -O /etc/yum.repos.d/dss-app.repo
  3. Verify that the repository is downloaded:
    yum search dss-app

    You should see two dss-app repositories.

  4. Update the repository by running the following command:
    yum update dss-app

    You should see two versions of the DSS app.

  5. Navigate to the dss bin directory:
    cd /usr/dss-app/
  6. Run the upgrade command as follows:
    ./ upgrade --from /usr/dss-app/
    Indicates the older version of DSS-App and can be different too.

    The following message appears:

    This will update database schema which cannot be reverted. All backups need to be made manually. 
    Please confirm to proceed (yes/no):
  7. Enter yes to continue.
  8. When prompted, enter the master password for DataPlane.
    The master password should be the same as the password used in the previous version of DataPlane.
  9. Once the upgrade process is successfully completed, add hosts using the following command:
    ./ utils add-host <Host URL> <Host FQDN>
    This step is required only if you want to add the host entries to the DSS environment for the communication to work before the upgrade.