Getting Started with Streaming Analytics
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Creating and Configuring the Kafka Source Stream

About This Task

The first step in building a stream application is to drag builder components to the canvas. As described in the Hortonworks DataFlow Overview, Stream Builder offers four types of builder components: sources, processors, sinks, and custom components.

Every stream application must start with a source.

Complete the following instructions to start building a stream application. Use these steps to implement Requirement 4 of the use case.


  1. Drag the Kafka builder component onto the canvas, creating a Kafka tile:

  2. Set the number of run-time instances for your Kafka tile component by clicking the up arrow on the tile.

  3. Double-click on the tile to begin configuring Kafka. After you specify a Kafka topic name, SAM communicates with the Schema Registry and displays the schema:


Once you have configured your Kafka component correctly, the tile component displays a green dot.

More Information

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