Getting Started with Streaming Analytics
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Streaming Violation Events to an Analytics Engine for Descriptive Analytics

About This Task

Now lets implement Requirement 7:

All infraction events need to be available for descriptive analytic (dash-boarding, visualizations, etc.) by a business analyst. The analyst needs the ability to do analysis on the streaming data.

The analytics engine in SAM is powered by Druid. The following steps show how to stream data into Druid, so that a business analyst can use the Stream Insight Superset module to generate descriptive analytics.


  1. Drag the Druid processor to the canvas and connect it to the ViolationEvents Rule processor.

  2. Configure the Druid processor. You can edit the ZooKeeper connect string in the advanced section of the Druid Service in Ambari, under the property

  3. Configure the Aggregator Info settings, under the OPTIONAL menu