Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
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Chapter 1. Upgrading Ambari and HDF 3.1.x

The steps you take to upgrade to Ambari 2.6.1 and to HDF 3.1.x depend on your initial deployment scenario. Ensure that you review this chapter before upgrading to HDF 3.1.x, so that you understand your upgrade options and the order in which you must perform them.

Upgrade Ambari and the HDF Management Pack

The first step in upgrading the HDF 3.1.x is to upgrade to Ambari 2.6.1 and to upgrade to the HDF management pack for your release.

Upgrading an HDF Cluster

If you are upgrading an HDF cluster, you may perform one of the follow tasks:

  • Rolling upgrade

  • Express upgrade


Rolling Upgrade is not supported for NiFi. During the Rolling Upgrade, each NiFi instance is stopped, upgraded, and restarted.

Upgrading HDF Services on an HDP Cluster

If you are upgrading HDF services installed on an HDP cluster, you must understand which services you can upgrade and which you cannot.


You cannot install SAM and Schema Registry for HDF 3.1.x on an HDP 2.6.4 cluster, and you cannot upgrade these services from a previous HDP cluster.


You cannot upgrade your HDF Storm and Kafka versions if they exist on an HDP cluster.

ComponentVersionUpgradeable on an HDP Cluster?
NiFi Registry0.1.0Yes
Schema Registry0.4.0No
Ambari Infra0.1.0Yes
Ambari Metrics0.1.0Yes