Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
Also available as:

Restart Ambari

  1. Log in, using the Ambari administrator credentials that you have set up.

    For example, the default name/password is admin/admin.

    You will see a Restart indicator next to each service after upgrading. Ambari upgrade has added to/adjusted the configuration properties of your cluster based on new configuration types and properties being made available for each service with this release of Ambari. Review these changes by comparing the previous configuration with the latest version created by "ambari-upgrade".

  2. If you have configured Ambari to authenticate against an external LDAP or Active Directory, you must re-run

    ambari-server setup-ldap
  3. If you are running Ambari Metrics service in your cluster, you must upgrade Ambari Metrics System and add the Grafana component.

  4. If your cluster includes the SmartSense service, you must upgrade SmartSense along with Ambari.