Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
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Post-Upgrade Tasks for NiFi

About This Task

If you are upgrading to HDF 3.1.x, you must update some dataflows with a new Controller Service. For flows requiring the new StandardRestrictedSSLContextService, you must create the new context service and associate it with necessary Processors.


StandardRestrictedSSLContextService is a new Controller Service that supports TLS version 1.2 and later. It provides the ability to configure keystore and/or truststore properties once and reuse that configuration throughout the application, but only allows you to choose a restricted set of TLS protocols. This service is recommended over StandardSSLContextService unless a component communicates with legacy systems supporting only SSL protocols.

The following Processors require StandardRestrictedSSLContextService:

  • ListenBeats

  • ListenHTTP

  • ListenLumberjack

  • ListenRELP

  • ListenSMTP

  • ListenSyslog

  • ListenTCP

  • ListenTCPRecord


  1. For one of the impacted Processors, double-click to edit the Processor and click the Properties tab.

  2. Edit the SSL Context Service property value.

  3. Select Create new service … from the drop-down menu.

  4. Use the Add Controller Service dialog to create StandardRestrictedSSLContextService.


Once you have created StandardRestrictedSSLContextService and associated it with one Processor, you can update any other Processors with the same Controller Service.