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Fixed Issues

Summary of fixed issues for this release.

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.

Table 1. Fixed Issues
Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-118524 NIFI-6111 View Status History not showing proper values for cluster aggregate values.
BUG-118512 NIFI-6110 FlowFile Repository can fail to update.
BUG-118432 NIFI-6108 Port names in nested PGs get changed when importing from Registry.
BUG-118426 NIFI-6107 ExecuteSQL processors fail with incoming flow file and Output Batch Size set.
BUG-118317 Not able to access NiFi UI even after granting access through ranger policy.
BUG-118258 Upgrade to jackson-databind version 2.9.8.
BUG-118161 NIFI-6088 RecordFieldType double precision problem.
BUG-118093 [streamline] kafkaToKafkaTopologyTest fails.
BUG-118057 NIFIREG-229 Handle error in LDAP sync background thread.
BUG-118039 NiFi PutHivestreaming processor fails to write data to Hive1.2.1000.
BUG-118012 NIFIREG-225 NPE when an access policy contains a deleted group.
BUG-118002 NIFI-6065 Root Group Ports "waiting" too long.
BUG-118001 NIFI-6059 GCS processors throw NullPointerException if Project ID property is not specified.
BUG-118000 NIFI-6068 StandardFunnel looping excessively.
BUG-117968 NIFI-6069 Incorrect sorting of connection relationships during flow fingerprinting.
BUG-117912 NIFI-6055 Improve error handling when auto-loading NARs.
BUG-117735 NIFI-6023 ListHDFS throws misleading exception regarding Distributed Cache Service.
BUG-117726 NiFi Registry missing Identity and Group Transform Properties.
BUG-117723 NiFi does not detect when AMS uses HTTPS.
BUG-117609 Adjust Hive Version.
BUG-117581 Remove reference from
BUG-117570 NIFIREG-217 nifi-registry does not support "transform" of group/identity mappings.
BUG-117568 NIFI-5869 NiFi JMS Connection Fails After JMS servers Change behind JNDI.
BUG-117548 Add Nifi service user in Ranger service config in HDP cluster.
BUG-117534 NiFi Registry service check use of tls-toolkit may fail if key password is not provided.
BUG-117414 AMBARI-25168 Leader for a topic is assigned 'None'.
BUG-117412 Prevent duplicate registry entry.
BUG-110583 NIFI-5575 PutHDFS does not use fs.permissions.umask-mode from hdfs-site.xml.
MINIFI-493 NPE when converting old templates using toolkit.