Release Notes
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Knox Patches

This release provides Knox 1.0.0 and the listed Apache patches.

  • KNOX-1650: Knox Atlas Trusted Proxy with HA provider.
  • KNOX-1649: Provide new service definitions for Ambari to support trusted proxy.
  • KNOX-1645: Improve JSESSIONID handling.
  • KNOX-1639: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No org.apache.tomcat.InstanceManager set in ServletContext.
  • KNOX-1602: JsonFilterReader should handle strings, numbers, booleans, and null at root.
  • KNOX-1581: YARN v1 UI - Application - Node and logs links broken.
  • KNOX-1558: KnoxToken service returns wrong content type and content length values.
  • KNOX-1545: KnoxTokenCredentialCollector should expose the type of the collected token.
  • KNOX-1544: KnoxTokenCredentialCollector should not call System.exit().
  • KNOX-1522: Add HA support for HadoopAuthProvider.
  • KNOX-1451: Setup base checkstyle plugin.
  • KNOX-1429: HadoopAuthFilter avoid logging sensitive values.
  • KNOX-1098: Livy proxyUser should be added when not present.