Release Notes
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Ranger Patches

This release provides Ranger 1.2.0 and the listed Apache patches.

  • RANGER-2337: Context-Enrichers need to clean up completely when the policy-engine is destroyed.
  • RANGER-2336: Ranger HBase plugin should pack guava lib as a dependency.
  • RANGER-2333: Logs does not get generated for Zone Description field available on Security Zone page.
  • RANGER-2330: Ensure that policy/resource based searches are security-zone aware.
  • RANGER-2327: Update Ranger db schema to use common sequence name.
  • RANGER-2320: Make db schema patches script idempotent for all DB Flavors.
  • RANGER-2318: Incorrect git url on the homepage.
  • RANGER-2316: Incorrect path in Quick State Guide at
  • RANGER-2314: Do some code improvement for the error message in
  • RANGER-2313: tagsync fails to authenticate with ranger in kerberized cluster when using script.
  • RANGER-2311: After the user profile is updated, the page still displays the original information.
  • RANGER-2309: Improve group search on policy edit page.
  • RANGER-2308: User role user should not able to access usersync audit report if it does not have permissions on the audit module.
  • RANGER-2307: Native code can segfault or return misleading error messages.
  • RANGER-2306: Knox Plugin doesn't pass X-Forwarded-for remote address to Ranger.
  • RANGER-2305: When Audit spooling to local filesystem is enabled, log files of the component have show a wrong error message.
  • RANGER-2304: Need to add property dfs.permissions.ContentSummary.subAccess when enabling Ranger HDFS plugin manually.
  • RANGER-2303: Add kylin-plugin infomation to README.txt.
  • RANGER-2299: Modify the permissions of the kms file to 700.
  • RANGER-2298: Modify JAVA_VERSION_REQUIRED to 1.8 in
  • RANGER-2297: getContentSummary validation failure.
  • RANGER-2295: Set specific Ranger version in patches status entry table.
  • RANGER-2294: Front-end and back-end email address regular expression should be the same.
  • RANGER-2291: Make optimized db schema script idempotent for all DB Flavors.
  • RANGER-2288: Sqoop repository config missing "Common Name for Certificate".
  • RANGER-2287: Improve and optimize file code.
  • RANGER-2286: Ranger install may be prevented by leftover DB entry.
  • RANGER-2284: Unable to build image using docker.
  • RANGER-2283: User is getting total count of groups even if he is assigned to one group due to which pagination is breaking.
  • RANGER-2280: The emptyText of User Sync and Plugin Status should be reasonable.
  • RANGER-2279: Reduce the time spent changing passwords during Ranger Admin install.
  • RANGER-2277: Kylin repository config missing "Common Name for Certificate".
  • RANGER-2276: Email Address should be verified when Add New User in Ranger Admin.
  • RANGER-2267: Add a icon to differentiate the status of the service.
  • RANGER-2244: Tomcat Security Vulnerability Alert. The version of the tomcat for ranger should upgrade to 7.0.91 or later.
  • RANGER-2234: Cannot add or update a child row,a foreign key constraint fails when installing ranger-admin.
  • RANGER-2232: Security Zones feature in Apache Ranger.
  • RANGER-2216: Ranger Audit UI lacks the feature to search the audits using Policy Id.
  • RANGER-2163: Spelling error for "Persmission" in the
  • RANGER-2049: Support doAs in Ranger Admin Portal / REST API.